Re: [RFC,PATCH] dnotify: enhance or replace?

From: Paul Rolland
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 15:02:51 EST


> could be done. Inode numbers are not unique, but is there any
> way to get
> a unique identifier on a file without using an open file? I have come
I wonder if adding to the inode number something like the device
id is not enough to create some "unique key"...

> up with a few ideas.. I don't think they are very good, but here is
> goes,
> - When user passes fd to kernel to watch, the kernel takes over this
> fd, making it invalid in user space ( I know this is a
> terrible hack)
> then when a volume is unmounted, the kernel can walk the list of
> open fd's using for notifacation and close them, before
> attempting to
> unmount.
No, this is bad, because it would require to use dedicated fd for
dnotify. If I open a file/directory, give it to dnotify, I don't
want to re-open it to use it, read it, or anything else...

> - The user passes a path to the kernel, the kernel does some work so
> that it can track anything to do with that path, and again when
> an unmount is called the kernel cleans up anything used for
> notification.
That sounds much better to me...


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