Re: [Swsusp-devel] Re: swsusp problems [was Re: Your opinion on the merge?]

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 18:26:12 EST

On Ät 25-03-04 06:46:12, Michael Frank wrote:
> May I request that you leave the authors headers intact when quoting. Thank
> you.

As you wish.

> On Wed, 24 Mar 2004 11:17:04 +0100, Pavel Machek <pavel@xxxxxx> wrote:
> >>>>So why aren't you arguing against bootsplash too? That definitely
> >>>>obscures such an error :> Of course we could argue that such an error
> >>>>shouldn't happen and/or will be obvious via other means (assuming it
> >>>>indicates hardware failure).
> >>>
> >>>Of course I *am* against bootsplash. Unfortunately I've probably lost
> >>>that war already. But at least it is not in -linus tree (and that's
> >>>what I use anyway) => I gave up with bootsplash-equivalents, as long
> >>>as they don't come to linus.
> >>>
> >>>[And I believe Linus would shoot down bootsplash-like code, anyway.]
> Why? Joe consumer wants it.
> As to the ever growing size of the kernel, there could be a official
> addons/tools
> tree with non-core functions maintained by a seperate maintainer. Things
> like
> debuggers, profiling or (swsusp) debug support could go there as
> well...

Yes, having -nice patch with bootsplashes, translated kernel messages,
and swsusp eye-candy would work for me. Feel free to maintain it.

> >>Solution: Auto switch to non-swsusp VT on error showing the error message.
> >
> >Hmm, at that point you loose context, like now you know what error
> >happened, but do not know at which phase of suspend. That's pretty bad
> >too.
> Right, Good idea! Just print always "ugly" swsusp context on a text VT -
> plus any
> error messages - and switch over to this VT in printk when not in interrupt
> context. 10 lines of code or so in printk ;)

You see, 10 lines in printk is probably good enough reason not to
include that patch in kernel, because its "too ugly". Plus it does not
work if printk _was_ from interrupt context.

swsusp really should not have patch any code outside kernel/power.

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