Re: Raid Array with 3.5Tb

From: Neil Brown
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 20:30:16 EST

On Monday March 22, evan.felix@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Remember the 3.5Tb Array i've been trying to build, i finally got around
> to getting some source code changes that seem to work much better.
> Attached you will find a patch that fixes the raid5 code to a point
> where it seems to re-sync and recover without complaining about maps not
> being correct. The patch below is build against a 2.6.3, but will patch
> 2.6.4 sources as well. At this point i'd like to hear comments,
> thoughts on the changes i've made. Some notes:
> 1. raid0 seems to work fine at 3.5T
> 2. I have not looked at the raid6 code, but it does not work at 3.5Tb
> 3. Formatting the array with ext3 takes a very long time, not sure why
> yet.

I've added the equivalent changes to raid6 (to keep 5 and 6 in-sync)
and forwarded it to Andrew.

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