Re: [patch 1/22] Add __early_param for all arches

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 22:57:07 EST

trini@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello. The following is outcome of talking with David Woodhouse about
> the need in various parts of the kernel to parse the command line very
> early and set some options based on what we read. The result is
> __early_param("arg", fn) based very heavily on the macro of the same name
> in the arm kernel. The following is the core of these changes, adding the
> macro, struct and externs to <linux/init.h>, the parser to init/main.c
> and converting console= to this format. As a follow on to this thread are
> patches against all arches (vs 2.6.5-rc2) to use the global define of
> saved_command_line, add the appropriate bits to
> arch/$(ARCH)/kernel/ and in some cases, convert params
> from the old arch-specific variant to the new __early_param way.

I don't recall seeing this requirement mentioned before, and that's a ton
of patches you have there.

Please tell us a little more about why we need these patches. (Apart from
what seems to be a moderate amount of code consolidation).

Also, what is different between __setup and __early_setup? Why is it not
possible to make __setup run sufficiently early for whatever application is
requiring these changes?

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