Re: 2.6.5-rc2-mm2 still does not boot but it progress : seems tobe console font related

From: Eric Valette
Date: Thu Mar 25 2004 - 09:54:22 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:

Are you using devfs? If so, please try the below patch (I don't see why,

Yes. I use devfs.

Sorry for the delay, I'm back, with a new , more silent, and working fan, after a brutal powerdown due to fan failure and CPU overheat... As my PC is thre years old, it takes time to find compatible fans...

The machine that boots again but unfortunately I had to hardwire a BIOS CMOS reset and therefore BIOS settings have been restored to factory default values. I hopefully restored back then to what they where but cannot guaranty it 100%.

I applied the patch and get the deadlock is gone *BUT* due to BIOS default changed (including one that may impact performance (PIC read caching, PCU byte grouping, ...), and the fact that it was probably a deadlock due to a window that may have disappearred if I did not restore correctly the settings, I cannot gurante that it is the fix that fixed the problem.

I hope that Joseph Pingenot that had the same problem can confirm it.
I erased the mail were he was confirming the symptom and I have its address no more. Could you double check with him that the patch indeed fix the problem?

Thanks for chasing the bug anyway,

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