RE: ANN: cmpci 6.64 released

From: C.L. Tien - ???
Date: Thu Mar 25 2004 - 22:23:46 EST

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Subject: Re: ANN: cmpci 6.64 released
C.L. Tien - ??? wrote:
> Hi,
> I made many changes for cmpci.c since last release. Changes are made as follows:
> 1. Fix the S/PDIF out programming bug appeared in 6.16.
> 2. Support 8338 4-channel playback.
> 3. S/PDIF loop can be used after AC3 playback.
> 4. Legacy devices (FM, MPU401 and gameport) are served by other modules.
> Now the code is thinner.
> 5. Remove parameters setting from kernel configure menu, they can be
> set easily when loading the module.
> 6. Add spdif_out to output 44.1K/48K 16-bit stereo to S/PDIF out.
> 7. Add hw_copy to duplicate audio of front speakers to surround speakers.
> 8. Change code to minimum patch for kernel 2.6.

The driver looks pretty good, for both 2.4 and 2.6. And the listed
changes above sound OK. I see the driver is smaller now.

May I respectfully request that you submit your driver update in the
form of multiple patches, one patch per email? This is the normal
method of submitting changes to the Linux kernel. For example, create
and send 8 patches to Andrew Morton for inclusion in the 2.6.x kernel.
Each patch is applied after the last one, in succeeding order. Typical
email subjects would look like

[PATCH 1/8] cmpci: fix s/pdif out
[PATCH 2/8] cmpci: support 8338 4-channel
[PATCH 3/8] cmpci: s/pdif loop

Splitting up changes in this manner allows for better verification, and
makes it easier to narrow down bugs to a specific change. Large "one
big patch" updates often solve many bugs, and then add a few new bugs.

Best regards and thanks,


The driver I sent is for general user that they can replace existed driver with the file.

Now I attach the diff files since 6.16 and please verify them, please note that the 6.16 driver appear in kernel 2.4.25 tree doesn't match the 6.16 in my CVS tree. Please use kernel-2.4.25-cltien.diff before use other patches between versions.

Please refer to logs for changes between versions. Most changes are for HW function and I already change the code to meet kernel 2.4 requirements. Please revise them and let me know the changes.

The cmpci in kernel 2.6.x is still 5.64, which maintain kernel 2.2.x compatiblibility. I hope kernel 2.4.x and 2.6.x use the same version and only use the 46.diff to change for 2.4->2.6.

ChenLi Tien

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