Re: [RFC,PATCH] dnotify: enhance or replace?

From: Rüdiger Klaehn
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 05:11:51 EST

viro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


> "Doctor, It Hurts When I Do It"
> Seriously, dnotify sucks in a lot of ways, starting with the basic
> premise - that userland can do notification-based maintainig of directory
> tree image. It's racy by definition, so any attempts to use it for
> "security improvements" are scam. Which leaves us with file manglers
> and their ilk.
I thought about this some more. If you watch for e.g. all writes on the root of a file system you get a complete, correctly ordered log of all file writes on that filesystem. So you can find out wether a certain file has been changed or not. That could be relevant security information.

You would get changes to the file pointed to by the path /etc/shadow, even if the file has been changed by a hard link from /tmp/bla.

I am assuming here that there is a way like inode numbers to uniquely identify and persistently identify a file. If something like this does not exist, you are out of luck.

> Note that any attempts to trace "aliases" in userland are hopelessly racy;

You don't trace aliases in userland. All the relevant information is logged in kernel space. The only thing you do in userspace is to convert this information into a user readable form. You can take as long as you want for that.

Btw: why did you put aliases in quotes? Is aliases not the correct term when refering to multiple paths pointing to the same file?

> that mounting/unmounting doesn't even show on the radar;

There is an event for mounting and unmounting.

> hat different users can see different parts of tree or, while we are
> at it, completely different trees;
That is why the paths returned by the mechanism are relative to the directory from which you watch.

> that this crap is a DDoS on a server that exports any
> sort of network filesystem to many clients - *especially* if you want
> notifications on the entire tree.
If you have 100 clients, and each client wants its own notification for /home, you would indeed have a problem. But if a single process like fam watches for changes in /home on behalf of all 100 clients, it would be no problem.

> IOW, idea is fundamentally flawed and IMO the real fix is to try and figure
> out a decent UI that would provide what file managers are really used for.
File managers are just one application of an enhanced file change notification mechanism. There are many much more interesting applications. For file managers the current dnotify mechanism is OK.
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