Re: Binary-only firmware covered by the GPL?

From: Stefan Smietanowski
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 07:00:04 EST

Giuliano Pochini wrote:

On 26-Mar-2004 David Schwartz wrote:

As for "another processor", another from what processor? There is just this
one file. We have here a file that is allegedly distributed under the terms
of the GPL. It is, however, obfuscated and not the preferred form for making

It's my turn to make flames grow higher :)
And about binary data which is not executed by any processor ? Some
cards have ASIC chips that must be programmed to make the card do
something other than consuming power. That "code" is *not* a program
and it's always shipped in binary form.

Shipped - yes, but how is it modified (ie edited) ?

Using a special program? That's fine then. Using a hex editor? That's
also fine. Using a VHDL compiler ? Then they need to give out the VHDL
code to it I believe. But hell, what do I know, when moving over to
hardware it's uncertain how the GPL would apply, at least to me,
and of course IANAL.

// Stefan
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