Patching a proprietary driver

From: Rajsekar
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 09:29:20 EST

I have a PCTEL Modem that works in 2.4.x with the proprietary drivers.

I have upgraded to 2.6.4 and there is no working driver for 2.6.x. A site
offers a driver that compiles (without using kmod type make files) but it
does not get loaded. (My guess is because he does not run modpost which the
kernel make scripts do).

I used kmod makefiles and have set it up properly but:

The problem is that some of their proprietary files (dsp.a, etc.) are
required by the module and when I compile it gives a warning like this:

warning: <filename> has a COMMON symbol.

Can someone help me overcome this?

I compiled at home and now am in office. Thus I can't provide you the exact

M Rajsekar
IIT Madras
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