System clock speed too high - 2.6.3 kernel

From: Praedor Atrebates
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 13:46:04 EST

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In doing a web search on system clock speeds being too high, I found entries
describing exactly what I am experiencing in the linux-kernel list archives,
but have not yet found a resolution.

I have Mandrake 10.0, kernel-2.6.3-7mdk installed, on an IBM Thinkpad 1412
laptop, celeron 366, 512MB RAM. I am finding that my system clock is ticking
away at a rate of about 3:1 vs reality, ie, I count ~3 seconds on the system
clock for every 1 real second. I am running ntpd but this is unable to keep
up with the rate of system clock passage.

I had to slow my keyboard repeat rate _way_ down in order to be able to type
at all as well. The system is limited, in that I have no way to alter the
actual system clock (in bios at any rate). The CPU is properly identified as
a celeron 366.

Does anyone have any enlightenment, or a fix, to offer? The exact same
software setup on a desktop system, Athlon XP2700+, has no such problems.

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