Reiser4 needs more testers

From: Hans Reiser
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 13:56:16 EST

We have one NFS related bug remaining, and one mmap all of memory related bug (and performance issue) that you can hit using iozone. We will fix both of these in next week's snapshot, they were both multi-day bug fixes. When they are fixed, unless users/distros find bugs next week we will submit it for inclusion in the -mm and then the official kernel.

We hope it is now fairly stable for average users if you avoid those two issues (we need to get rid of those dire warnings about its stability...., we will remember that next snapshot....;-) )

We need a lot more real user testers, because we have run out of scripts that can crash it, and there are distros that would like to ship it soon. Please also complain to vitaly@xxxxxxxxxxx and ramon@xxxxxxxxxxx about poor documentation, etc., ....

The new reiser4 snapshot (against 2.6.5-rc2) is available at


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