[ANNOUNCE] WOLK v2.3 for Kernel v2.6.4

From: Marc-Christian Petersen
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 14:58:06 EST

Hash: SHA1

Hi all,

ok, next 2.6-WOLK release. Apply ontop of a vanilla 2.6.4 from kernel.org.

Many thanks to Rik van Ballegooijen and all the other people sending fixes!

... Have fun and a nice weekend :)

- ---------
We now have 5 addons in place, named: grsecurity2, Win4Lin, gobohide, SysTrace
and finally the Staircase Scheduler by Con. I won't merge any of these
patches into mainline 2.6-WOLK in the near future. You have to decide what
addon feature you like to have :) ... Another reason is, I won't break users
of 4g/4g, 4k stacks nor uml-skas3, currently a no-go with grsecurity. Apply
an addon/the addons manually. All five patches are located in the patch itself
in the ./ADDON-patches directory after applying the main patch. Apply as

wolk2.2 was never released (ok, it was available for some hours but I removed
it because it was broken. Therefore, changelog included too)

- -----------------
- - Loop-AES won't work with per-backing dev unpluggin code in WOLK.
But fortunately loop-AES coders updated their code. So get the newest
version before trying loop-AES with WOLK (includes also -mm tree)

Changelog from v2.6.4-wolk2.2 -> v2.6.4-wolk2.3
- -----------------------------------------------
merged with 2.6.5-rc2 (Linus Torvalds)
merged with 2.6.5-rc2-mm3 (Andrew Morton)
- w/o 4k-stacks-always-on.patch (NVIDIA folks)
- w/o bk-acpi stuff from 2.6-bk tree (broken)
- w/ cpu detection for 2.6.5-rc1-mm2 (Manfred Spraul)
- w/ "2.6.5-rc2-mm* machine won't boot" fix (Andrew Morton)
o added: objrmap for file mappings (2.6.5-rc2-aa4) (Andrea Arcangeli)
o added: anon_vma for memory unmapping (2.6.5-rc2-aa4) (Andrea Arcangeli)
o added: prio trees (2.6.5-rc2-aa4) (Andrea Arcangeli)
o added: morse code panic (Tomas Szepe)
o added: VFS: Soft-/Hard Limit of file descriptors ()
o added: Maximum amount of unix sockets via sysctl ()
o added: Renice processes as a user in a special GID (me)
o added: rICMP support (Nail)
o added: improved fdmap support (Matt Miller)
o added: ADDON: systrace v1.5 (Niels Provos)
o added: ADDON: staircase scheduler (Con Colivas)
(WOLK port by Rik van Ballegooijen)
o fixed: fb colour used to clear top and bottom margins (Jakub Bogusz)
o fixed: fb background used for "clear" terminal commands (Jakub Bogusz)
o fixed: ReiserFS v3 buffer refcount problem (Chris Mason)
o fixed: ReiserFS v3 buffer head leak in invalidatepage (Chris Mason)
o fixed: ReiserFS v3 bogus warning message about locked (Chris Mason)
buffers during logging.
o fixed: when CONFIG_IP_NMAP_FREAK was not set, the kernel (anonymous)
did not reply to any icmp echo requests :(
o updated: O(1) Batch scheduler for 2.6 (Rik van Ballegooijen)
o updated: ReiserFS v3 extended attributes (Chris Mason)
o updated: ReiserFS v3 POSIX Access Control Lists (Chris Mason)
o updated: ReiserFS v3 Security Labels (Chris Mason)
o updated: ADDON: grsecurity2 (Brad Spengler)
o updated: netdev-random: Drivers v2.6.4 (Michal Purzynski)
o changed: max loop devices to 32 (from 8) (me)
o changed: max msg queue identifiers to 512 (from 16) (me)
o changed: max semaphore identifiers to 1024 (from 128) (me)
o removed: stupid/nonsense warning in Supermount (Rik van Ballegooijen)

Changelog from v2.6.4-wolk2.1 -> v2.6.4-wolk2.2
- -----------------------------------------------
merged with 2.6.5-rc1-mm2 (Andrew Morton)
- w/o 4k-stacks-always-on.patch
- w/ "anti 2.6.5-rc1-mm2-is-dog-slow-patch" ;) (Jens Axboe)
o added: O(1) Batch scheduler for 2.6 (Con Kolivas)
(WOLK port by Rik van Ballegooijen)
o added: O(1) ISO scheduler for 2.6 (Con Kolivas)
o fixed: classic OOM killer (the default) compile error (Robert Führicht)
o fixed: compile warning in rc-update.h with gcc 3.4 (Robert Führicht)
o fixed: compile problems with gcc 2.95.x (me)
o fixed: bootsplash breakage (Rik van Ballegooijen)
o fixed: shfs compilation error (Rik van Ballegooijen)
o fixed: PRAMfs compilation error (Rik van Ballegooijen)
o fixed: SCSI oops() in -mm tree (Kai Makisara)
o fixed: compile problems on ppc64 (Paul Mackerras)
o removed: some SATA fixes (did not really fix anything)

- ----
o /proc restrictions w/o the need for grsecurity2 addon
o madwifi
o Linux Trustees
o rsbac as an addon
o menu cleanups
o DRBD once it's ported to 2.6
o Bind Bount Extensions 0.05
o vservers for 2.6 once Herbert comes up with a patch
o probably changing O(1) Scheduler addons to a config option
o _____ <add more things if you want>

- --------
02d50db9872e44f686dcc21361d019d3 linux-2.6.4-wolk2.3.patch.bz2
6fe224fd75e3c15b776b87a810dec2d4 linux-2.6.4-wolk2.3.patch.gz

- --
Kind regards
Marc-Christian Petersen


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