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From: Praedor Atrebates
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 16:08:47 EST

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I have mandrake 10.0, kernel-2.6.3-7mdk on my desktop Athlon XP2700+ system
and on my IBM Thinkpad 1412 (celeron 366). The distro/kernel works fine on
the desktop but on the Thinkpad, the system clock is flying at about 3x
normal speed. I upgraded from the default install kernel-2.6.3-4mdk in the
hopes that the upgrade would fix my system clock problem. It didn't.

On my laptop I had to slow the keyboard repeat rate WAY down to make typing
possible. Later, I noticed that timed events were happening way too soon.
Checking my clock, I can see the seconds tick away at about 3 system
seconds/real second. Both with and without ntpd running (and properly
configured) the clock runs away. I have checked and the system properly
identifies the CPU as a celeron 366, so the clock rate isn't "real" or coming
from the bios. I cannot change the clock in bios in any case.

I saw in the kernel archives that this problem was brought up with regards to
a 2.4.x kernel (and there was also mention of a 2.5.x test kernel with the
same results).

Can anyone shed light on this problem? Better yet, is there a fix?

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