RE: cmpci 6.64 released

From: C.L. Tien - ???
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 16:28:49 EST


I update the 46.diff, which is used to patch cmpci.c to support kernel 2.6.

The synchronize_irq() has one parameter in kernel 2.6 and none in kernel 2.4, however, it still compile well on a i386 kernel 2.6, I discover it on an IA64 system.

ChenLi Tien

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Subject: ANN: cmpci 6.64 released

I made many changes for cmpci.c since last release. Changes are made as follows:

1. Fix the S/PDIF out programming bug appeared in 6.16.
2. Support 8338 4-channel playback.
3. S/PDIF loop can be used after AC3 playback.

4. Legacy devices (FM, MPU401 and gameport) are served by other modules.
Now the code is thinner.
5. Remove parameters setting from kernel configure menu, they can be
set easily when loading the module.
6. Add spdif_out to output 44.1K/48K 16-bit stereo to S/PDIF out.
7. Add hw_copy to duplicate audio of front speakers to surround speakers.
8. Change code to minimum patch for kernel 2.6.

The attached cmpci.c in cmpci-6.64.tar.bz2 is the updated driver, and 46.diff is the patch file that needed for kernel 2.6.

The cmpci-patch-2.4.25.tar.bz2 and cmpci-patch-2.6.4.tar.bz2 are patches for kernel 2.4.25/2.6.4 tree patch, they are needed to support legacy devices, otherwise you may ignore them.

The cmi8738.tar.bz2 contains CMI8738, which is modified from CMI8338. It describe the parameters cmi8738 can support.

Please feedback if you have any question, I will post to kernel maintaner if no serious problem with it.

ChenLi Tien

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