From: Manpreet Singh
Date: Sat Mar 27 2004 - 04:20:43 EST

Hi Len,

This patch on 2.6.5-rc2 certainly helps with a "spurious" interrupt problem
that I was seeing on a 2.6.4 kernel. It seems that we don't initialize GPEs
unless they are needed for a resume.

But, in the function call "acpi_hw_prepare_gpes_for_sleep", it seems that
currently *all* GPEs get disabled, some of which I would consider wake up
events, like the PME enable bit that enables an S3 resume using a magic
packet. That doesn't allow wake on LAN to work properly. Is there way to
pick/specify the wake up events or does it come from the BIOS tables?

Also, if I have the console on a serial port, I don't get the console back
after an S3 resume.

Actually, I am new to the ACPI list. If this is not the right place for these
queries, please let me know.


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Hi Linus, please do a

bk pull bk://

Three significant interrupt fixes.


ps. a plain patch is also available here:

This will update the following files:

arch/i386/kernel/acpi/boot.c | 18 +
drivers/acpi/ec.c | 4
drivers/acpi/events/evgpe.c | 11 -
drivers/acpi/events/evgpeblk.c | 242 ++++++++++++++++++++++----
drivers/acpi/events/evmisc.c | 43 ++--
drivers/acpi/events/evxfevnt.c | 25 ++
drivers/acpi/executer/excreate.c | 16 +
drivers/acpi/executer/exdump.c | 1
drivers/acpi/executer/exresnte.c | 5
drivers/acpi/executer/exstoren.c | 1
drivers/acpi/hardware/hwgpe.c | 98 ++++++----
drivers/acpi/hardware/hwsleep.c | 22 +-
drivers/acpi/namespace/nsaccess.c | 9
drivers/acpi/namespace/nsdump.c | 1
drivers/acpi/namespace/nseval.c | 9
drivers/acpi/namespace/nssearch.c | 6
drivers/acpi/namespace/nsutils.c | 2
drivers/acpi/namespace/nsxfeval.c | 26 +-
drivers/acpi/osl.c | 21 ++
drivers/acpi/pci_link.c | 18 +
drivers/acpi/resources/rsaddr.c | 13 -
drivers/acpi/utilities/utglobal.c | 42 ++--
drivers/acpi/utilities/utmisc.c | 5
include/acpi/acconfig.h | 2
include/acpi/acglobal.h | 2
include/acpi/achware.h | 4
include/acpi/aclocal.h | 7
include/acpi/actypes.h | 84 +++++----
include/acpi/acutils.h | 1
29 files changed, 537 insertions(+), 201 deletions(-)

through these ChangeSets:

<len.brown@xxxxxxxxx> (04/03/26 1.1608.1.56)
[ACPI] Linux specific updates from ACPICA 20040326
"acpi_wake_gpes_always_on" boot flag for old GPE behaviour

<len.brown@xxxxxxxxx> (04/03/26 1.1608.1.55)
[ACPI] ACPICA 20040326 from Bob Moore

Implemented support for "wake" GPEs via interaction between
GPEs and the _PRW methods. Every GPE that is pointed to by
one or more _PRWs is identified as a WAKE GPE and by default
will no longer be enabled at runtime. Previously, we were
blindly enabling all GPEs with a corresponding _Lxx or _Exx
method - but most of these turn out to be WAKE GPEs anyway.
We believe this has been the cause of thousands of
"spurious" GPEs on some systems.

This new GPE behavior is can be reverted to the original
behavior (enable ALL GPEs at runtime) via a runtime flag.

Fixed a problem where aliased control methods could not
access objects properly. The proper scope within the
namespace was not initialized (transferred to the target of
the aliased method) before executing the target method.

Fixed a potential race condition on internal object
deletion on the return object in AcpiEvaluateObject.

Integrated a fix for resource descriptors where both
_MEM and _MTP were being extracted instead of just _MEM.
(i.e. bitmask was incorrectly too wide, 0x0F instead of 0x03.)

Added a special case for ACPI_ROOT_OBJECT in AcpiUtGetNodeName,
preventing a fault in some cases.

Updated Notify() values for debug statements in evmisc.c

Return proper status from AcpiUtMutexInitialize,
not just simply AE_OK.

<len.brown@xxxxxxxxx> (04/03/26 1.1608.1.54)
[ACPI] proposed fix for non-identity-mapped SCI override

<len.brown@xxxxxxxxx> (04/03/25 1.1608.1.53)
[ACPI] PCI interrupt link routing (Luming Yu)
use _PRS to determine resource type for _SRS
fixes HP Proliant servers

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