Re: Can't eject jaz disk on 2.6

From: Matthew Dharm
Date: Sat Mar 27 2004 - 17:54:33 EST

On Sat, Mar 27, 2004 at 06:00:18PM -0500, Wakko Warner wrote:
> > > I've used 2.6.0 to 2.6.4 on a computer with a jaz drive.
> > > Using eject 2.0.13, I'm unable to eject the disk. I have tested on 2.4.24
> > > and it does eject.
> >
> > Over on the usb-storage list, we've just become aware of a similar problem.
> What was it with?

The device in question there was an Iomega USB Zip 100 drive.

> > Are you using SCSI or IDE?
> SCSI. I thought all JAZ disks were scsi?

I wasn't sure. USB is emulated through the SCSI layer, tho. I would
recommend we take this discussion to the linux-scsi mailing list.

> > We've actually recorded the SCSI layer sending us a PREVENT_MEDIUM_REMOVAL,
> > then a START_STOP (to actually eject), and then an ALLOW_MEDIUM_REMOVAL.
> > So, nothing gets ejected. This is under 2.6.
> I have noticed that when I attempt to eject, it spins the disk backup,
> spins down and that's it.

The user of the Zip 100 actually sent us logs showing this behavior. We
assume it's coming from the SCSI system, as usb-storage doesn't contain
anything remotely resembling this....

Repeated uses of the 'eject' command generated the same sequence in his
test scenario, but his Zip 100 actually ejected the media on the second
try. I think that's a device-dependent behavior, tho.


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