Re: nfsd oops with 2.6.5-rc2-mm4

From: Dieter Stueken
Date: Sat Mar 27 2004 - 18:18:40 EST

Frank Denis wrote:

Version 3. I can give version 2 a try but there will probably
a significant loss of performance :(

probably better than a total loss of performance :-)

Unfortunately this is a production environment and I can hardly
switch the Solaris box off in order to make it sure that it is
> triggering the bug.

Same here. I set up a NFS-server for test and let the Sun
mount the data in a temporary directory to verify the situation.
The test-server may crash, but the sun will survive. After you
stopped the test on the sun, you might have to reboot your
test-server to be able to unmount the disk on the sun again.

I reverted to 2.6.2-rc2-mm3, the server didn't crash after 6 hours. Crossing fingers...


2.6.2-rc2-mm3 just crashed the same way.

Yes, all 2.6.x seem to be affected. My good old 2.4.19 runs since 6 month.
I started to scan the 2.5.x patches for changes on nfsd, to find by which
one this kind of trouble was caused....

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