Re: md raid oops on 2.4.25/alpha

From: Ross Dickson
Date: Sun Mar 28 2004 - 11:44:47 EST

Norbert Preining wrote

> Hi Ingo, hi Neil, hi lists!

> We have some problems with the md code on alpha. We get regular oops
> when using the md raid1. Here we got another oops when fsck (at boot
> time) the raid:
> This was after a fresh reboot. As long as only the raid is *not* mounted
> of fsck the machine works without any oops.

Please clarify symptoms regarding fsck at boot and Oops. Are they like mine?

Symptoms I have had with a compact flash boot hda (ide) are that
clean boot with fsck doing nothing is OK no Oops.

If fsck corrects anything and boot continues then Oops will occur. That is I
need to reboot machine after fsck rc=1 or I get Oops.


> I also can mount the hard disks *without* raid directly as hda1 and
> hdc1, and do NOT get any errors here, so I suspect that only the md code
> is the culprit.

> Please tell me how I can track down this problem, how I can help you!

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