Re: [PATCH] speed up SATA

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Sun Mar 28 2004 - 14:07:49 EST

Jens Axboe wrote:
Yep it sure does, but try and find a drive attached to a SATA controller
that cannot do 40MiB/sec (or something like that). Storage doesn't move
_that_ fast, you can keep up.

Nanosecond latencies and disturbingly high throughput are already possibly today :) Consider the battery-backed RAM gadgets that present themselves as ATA devices, or nbd over 10gige network.

In fact I'm about to strip down drivers/scsi/sata_promise.c to a driver that just talks to the DIMM, and another else: drivers/block/pdc_mem.c. At that point you're really just looking at the PCI bus and RAM limits...


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