Re: usage of RealTek 8169 crashes my Linux system

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Sun Mar 28 2004 - 15:41:13 EST

Bernd Fuhrmann wrote:

I'm using a RealTek 8169 1000MBit NIC. However, whenever larger amounts of data are being transfered (copying files through smb for instance) Linux crashes. It happens after 10MB-100MB transferred data so it's never as stable as it should be. The whole System runs fine as long as that Realtek 8169 NIC is not used (by transferring data through it). When it crashes there is no entry for that event in kern.log and the system just hangs.

I'm using:
Linux 2.6.4
gcc 3.3.3
2X Athlon MP 2600 Mhz
Tyan Tiger S2466N-4M Dual / AMD760MPX
2x 512MB ECC/REG Infineon DDR PC266 RAM
Debian (unstable)

Any idea how to fix it? Is that driver getting stable in the next months or are there obstacles that should make me buy a different NIC (like missing docs for that chipset and stuff like that)?

Does Andrew Morton's -mm patches fix it for you?


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