Bug report: Floppy driver freeze on SMP

From: Manuel Jander
Date: Sun Mar 28 2004 - 21:05:58 EST


On 3 similar computers i found this problem:

- Hardware A (two of them):
CPU: Dual Athlon MP 2100+ or MP 2400+
Mainboard: MSI K7D Master (AMD Opus chipset)
RAM: 2GiB DDR registered RAM.

- Hardware B (one of this):
CPU: Quad Pentium III Xeon
Mainboard: American Megatrend FX440 mainboard.
RAM: 2GiB DDR registered RAM.

- Software
Kernel: Any vanilla 2.4+XFS or 2.6 kernel.
OS: Debian GNU/Linux.

- How to reproduce:
Access floppy drive using mtools or mouting for 2-5 times and the system
locks up hard, with nothing responding. On a Computer with CPU activity
LED's, those LED's stopped flickering, which means that no single bit
continued working after the problem occurs.

- Comments:
I was unable to get any OOPS or backtrace since such info could not even
be written to the disk or screen.
I first though of a hardware specific issue, but since the new Athlon
MP's are behaving the same, it seems to be more widespread.

I would try to fix it myself, but i'm too busy fixing my own bugs on
other drivers :P

Best Regards


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