Re: Kernel / Userspace Data Transfer

From: Karim Yaghmour
Date: Sun Mar 28 2004 - 22:32:28 EST

lml@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I have a set of counters in a Kernel module that i want to export to a
userspace application. I originally decided to use a /proc entry and parse
the output whenever the userspace application needed this data, however,
i need more than the 4096 that is allowed in /proc and i'm not too keen
on parsing large chunks of text anyway.

What i would like to do is copy these slabs of text from the kernel to my
userspace application (whenever the application requests it). I've seen the
'copy_to_user' function and it looks usefull, but have no idea where to start
or how to use it :-/

Can someone provide and example or point me in the right direction? Or is there
a better place to ask this question?

relayfs has been designed with this type of requirements in mind:

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