Re: usage of RealTek 8169 crashes my Linux system

From: Daniel Egger
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 04:25:26 EST

On Sun, Mar 28, 2004 at 10:24:53PM +0200, Bernd Fuhrmann wrote:

> I'm using a RealTek 8169 1000MBit NIC. However, whenever larger amounts
> of data are being transfered (copying files through smb for instance)
> Linux crashes. It happens after 10MB-100MB transferred data so it's
> never as stable as it should be. The whole System runs fine as long as
> that Realtek 8169 NIC is not used (by transferring data through it).
> When it crashes there is no entry for that event in kern.log and the
> system just hangs.

> I'm using:
> Linux 2.6.4
> gcc 3.3.3
> 2X Athlon MP 2600 Mhz
> Tyan Tiger S2466N-4M Dual / AMD760MPX
> 2x 512MB ECC/REG Infineon DDR PC266 RAM
> Debian (unstable)

Might be a SMP related problem. Since the r8169 fix in 2.6.4 those
cheapass cards work fine for me albeit a bit slow using the same compiler
and the same kernel on UP.


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