Re: [Linux-NTFS-Dev] Geometry determination

From: Szakacsits Szabolcs
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 08:52:16 EST

On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, Anton Altaparmakov wrote:

> I have been experimenting a little with what Windows / Linux 2.4 / Linux
> 2.6 think the geometry of a couple of HDs is and the results are not
> very promising. )-:
> Using Linux 2.4, HDIO_GETGEO ioctl, I get the same Heads and Sectors per
> Track as Windows on both HDs I tried it on. This is the good news.
> I.e. at least on those two disks mkntfs as it stands now would create
> Windows bootable partitions.
> The bad news is that Linux 2.4, HDIO_GETGEO ioctl returns wrong values

You mean 2.6? That's what I'm saying also for a while. It's a known issue
and people are complaining about it because kernel breaks things (e.g.
they can't boot anymore and think Linux thrashed their systems).

I don't know who is the kernel maintainer today but apparently nobody.
Old maintainer, Andries Brouwer, only repeates that the geometry doesn't
exists even if he was/is proved and pointed out to be wrong many times.

The issue was discussed long, several times on linux-kernel without a
satisfying solution.


> for both HDs. (It said Heads were 16 both time when Linux 2.4 said 255
> for one of the HDs and 128 for the other.)
> So while mkntfs will work at the moment in a few months/years time it
> will probably never work any more without user specified geometry. )-:
> I have unfortunately not found _any_ way to get the values returned by
> Linux 2.4 / Windows on a Linux 2.6 system and I tried looking in
> /proc/ide, using hdparm, and using . )-:
> This is very annoying to say the least. )-:
> Any ideas?
> Of course, this all might have been coincidence and someone else testing
> a different set of two HDs might find the opposite.
> What we really want to know is how Windows determines the geometry?
> Anyone know?
> Best regards,
> Anton

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