Re: Reiser4 needs more testers

From: markw
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 12:11:14 EST

I've run through another test on STP with the latest snapshot against
reiser4 and reiserfs for comparison. Reiser4 still seems to be lagging
behind reiserfs in our DBT-2 workload (the bigger number is better in
the metric):

metric url to test results
------ ---------------------------------
reiser4 1208
reiserfs 1819


On 26 Mar, Hans Reiser wrote:
> We have one NFS related bug remaining, and one mmap all of memory
> related bug (and performance issue) that you can hit using iozone. We
> will fix both of these in next week's snapshot, they were both multi-day
> bug fixes. When they are fixed, unless users/distros find bugs next
> week we will submit it for inclusion in the -mm and then the official
> kernel.
> We hope it is now fairly stable for average users if you avoid those two
> issues (we need to get rid of those dire warnings about its
> stability...., we will remember that next snapshot....;-) )
> We need a lot more real user testers, because we have run out of scripts
> that can crash it, and there are distros that would like to ship it
> soon. Please also complain to vitaly@xxxxxxxxxxx and ramon@xxxxxxxxxxx
> about poor documentation, etc., ....
> The new reiser4 snapshot (against 2.6.5-rc2) is available at

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