Re: replace MAX_MAP_COUNT with /proc/sys/vm/max_map_count

From: David Mosberger
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 12:37:25 EST

>>>>> On 27 Mar 2004 07:19:49 +0100, Andi Kleen <ak@xxxxxxx> said:

Andi> David Mosberger <davidm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> +int sysctl_max_map_count = DEFAULT_MAX_MAP_COUNT;

Andi> I think it would be better to scale the default by available
Andi> low mem size.

I don't really care, but if you want this to be memory-dependent,
there would be several other parameters that could/should be memory
dependent as well (e.g., max. number of processes). In other words,
you'd be opening a can of worms. Not sure that makes sense fo 2.6.

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