Re: usage of RealTek 8169 crashes my Linux system

From: Bernd Fuhrmann
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 14:41:24 EST

Francois Romieu wrote:
Bernd Fuhrmann <silverbanana@xxxxxx> :

If you think one of these patches might fix it (please tell me the exact patch number) I will apply and test it as soon as possible.

Please try any recent -mm.

nmi_watchdog and magic sysrq are your friends. Don't expect much from
syslog though.

Once you have applied -mm patch, you may apply the attached patch as well
to help debugging.

I wasn't (yet) able to apply your patch (there were some errors and I'm not so firm about patching files manually). I don't have physical access to that computer anyway right now. So I'm not able to see any messages on it's console. But I applied the 2.6.5rc2-mm4 patch. Still the same problem. Linux still crashes after a couple of MBytes have passed the r8169.

Thanks for your effort. Any other idea how to fix that problem (like doing things that make r8169 stable while loosing performance)?

Bernd Fuhrmann
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