nfs errors with xfs filesystem (2.4.x kernel)

From: F. Baker
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 15:53:46 EST

We have several Linux x86 workstations here. In "dmesg" on
these PCs I see a lot of errors that read:

NFS: Server wrote less than requested.


eth0: TX underrun, threshold adjusted.

This message appears whenever someone logged into the
Mandrake/RH/whatever box (with NFS autofs mounting in his/her home
directory) tries to write something to an nfs-mounted directory
(usually the home directory). Even small files of 1.5 MB or so often
generate something such as "I/O error" when saving a file (really
small files usually get saved fine). And the home directory is always
based in an SGI (O2, Indy, Onyx) with xfs file system.

Intra-SGI these transfer take place perfectly, but
Mandrake/RH/OtherLinux generates these problems.

Has anyone seen this error before and does anyone know how
to get around it? The kernel used is 2.4.22-28 for most
of the Mandrake boxes, or at least 2.4.x anyway. We have not
gone to 2.6.x yet.

Thanks in advance.


PS: Interestingly:

cp file1 file2
where file1 is sufficiently large (1 MB or bigger) always fails the
first time, but often does a partial write.

If you then delete file2 and try the command anew, it works fine.
Very strange indeed.

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