2.6.4 Build problem

From: J
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 17:26:51 EST

I did this:
untar ... # unpack 2.2.2
cd linux*
patch ... # patch to 2.6.3
patch ... # patch to 2.6.4
make -s allnoconfig
make -s xconfig
time make -s modules bzImage

and got build errors, so ...
mv .config ..
make -s mrproper
cp ../.config .
make -s oldconfig
time make modules bzImage >../build-log 2>&1
and got the same errors. The build terminates thus:
summer@Dolphin:~/pebble/kernel/linux-2.6.4$ tail -30 ../build-log
CC [M] lib/zlib_deflate/deflate_syms.o
LD [M] lib/zlib_deflate/zlib_deflate.o
LD lib/zlib_inflate/built-in.o
CC [M] lib/zlib_inflate/infblock.o
CC [M] lib/zlib_inflate/infcodes.o
CC [M] lib/zlib_inflate/inffast.o
CC [M] lib/zlib_inflate/inflate.o
CC [M] lib/zlib_inflate/inftrees.o
CC [M] lib/zlib_inflate/infutil.o
CC [M] lib/zlib_inflate/inflate_syms.o
LD [M] lib/zlib_inflate/zlib_inflate.o
LD arch/i386/lib/built-in.o
AS arch/i386/lib/checksum.o
CC arch/i386/lib/delay.o
AS arch/i386/lib/getuser.o
CC arch/i386/lib/memcpy.o
CC arch/i386/lib/strstr.o
CC arch/i386/lib/usercopy.o
AR arch/i386/lib/lib.a
GEN .version
CHK include/linux/compile.h
UPD include/linux/compile.h
CC init/version.o
LD init/built-in.o
LD .tmp_vmlinux1
drivers/built-in.o(.text+0x435e1): In function `ibmasm_register_uart':
: undefined reference to `register_serial'
drivers/built-in.o(.text+0x43649): In function `ibmasm_unregister_uart':
: undefined reference to `unregister_serial'
make: *** [.tmp_vmlinux1] Error 1

The config file is at http://info.computerdatasafe.com.au/.config
and the build log at http://info.computerdatasafe.com.au/build-log

My real email:
echo summer?computerdatasafe.com.au | tr '?' '@'

Is there a workaround to get this built?

I'll locate and check the list in a day or so.

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