Re: [PATCH] Introduce mask ADT, rebuild cpumask_t and nodemask_t[0/22]

From: Matthew Dobson
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 17:50:58 EST

On Mon, 2004-03-29 at 04:11, Paul Jackson wrote:
> The following sequence of 22 patches replaces cpumask_t and Matthew
> Dobson's recent nodemask_t with ones based on a new mask ADT.

Still reading through all the patches, but I decided it'd be easier to
reply as I'm reading through since there are so many! ;) Looks good so
far. I like the simplifications (reducing the number of 'empty' asm-*
include files that just include the asm-generic routine, added const's,

> ==> This code is untested. Never even booted yet.
> Code review and testing requested. I will test
> on ia64.
> It has been built, for a default i386 arch only.
> But it seems far enough along to me to be worth
> seeking feedback from others.

I'll build & boot these on our NUMAQ (i386) & PPC hardware to try and
shake out any obvious buglets.

> The following patches apply against a 2.6.4 vanilla kernel,
> and result in nodemask code that is (with a couple of details)
> the same as Matthew's.
> All the various include/asm-*/*mask.h files are gone. The const
> macros are gone. The promote and coerce macros are replaced
> with a single mask_raw() macro, that simply returns the address
> of the first unsigned long in the mask, to do with as you will.
> There are now only 3 mask header files:
> include/linux/mask.h - the underlying ADT
> include/linux/cpumask.h - cpumasks, implemented using mask.h
> include/linux/nodemask.h - nodemasks, implemented using mask.h

Awesome. Simplicity makes me happy. :)

> Excluding block comments, the old cpumask code, with Matthew's
> nodemask patch, consumed (in files matching include/*/*mask*.h):
> 34 files, 683 lines of code
> This new cpumask and nodemask code, and its common mask ADT base,
> consumes a comparable:
> 3 files, 418 lines of code

Yep. 20 of those are just include/asm-$ARCH/cpumask.h files that just
include include/asm-generic/cpumask.h. Not a single arch overrides the
default. I was planning on sending a patch to remove these eventually.
They won't be missed. ;) 7 cpumask & 7 nodemask implementation files
round out the whopping 34 *mask*.h files.

> The *_complement macros were recoded to take separate source
> and dest arguments, following a suggestion of Bill Irwin.

Very nice. Aligns the macro with the rest of the *mask_OP() macros
which is a Good Thing(tm). It will also make my code a little less
wrong. ;)

> Bug fixes include:
> 1) *_complement macros don't leave unused high bits set
> 2) MASK_ALL for sizes > 1 word, but not exact word multiple,
> doesn't have unused high bits set
> 3) Explicit, documented semantics for handling these unused high bits.


> 4) Fixed a nodes_complement() call in Matthew's patches.

Heh... Ooops. I actually had a new version I meant to send out on
Friday, but got distracted. Mostly fixing up the x86_64 & ppc64
versions. I'll look at your x86_64 fix and send out new patches.

> Also, the assymetry that Matthew's nodemasks had with cpumasks,
> whereby the cpumasks had include/asm-<arch> specific redirecting
> headers for every arch, but nodemasks didn't, has been fixed.
> Now neither one has arch-specific redirect headers. They aren't
> needed in my view. Arch specific code belongs in the underlying
> bitops.h header files, and the individual mask macros can be
> elaborated as need be to take advantage of such.

I totally agree. If no one is reimplementing the macros, all the
arch-specific redirection is useless.


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