Re: [patch] silence nfs mount messages

From: Trond Myklebust
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 18:26:05 EST

På må , 29/03/2004 klokka 14:54, skreiv Andries Brouwer:

> The features that are being used are used by layers of software.
> If there is information to be passed, it should be passed to
> that software, not printed in a syslog.
> It is not the kernel's job to set policy and have an opinion about user mode setup.

What do you mean "setting policy"? Your program is attempting to use an
obsolete kernel ABI. Of course it should "have an opinion" about that...

The issue is merely whether or not to issue an EINVAL, in order to force
users to upgrade to an updated version of "mount":
For 2.7.x, I'm rather of a mind to do just that in order to finally
clean up the wretched struct nfs_mount and eliminate all the unused
backward-compatibilty crap, but doing so in the middle of 2.6.x is not
an option (particularly given that the SELinux mount changes came as
late as they did).

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