Re: [patch] silence nfs mount messages

From: Trond Myklebust
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 19:23:33 EST

På må , 29/03/2004 klokka 18:46, skreiv Andries Brouwer:
> The present situation is that the kernel comes with messages when
> mount is recent and the kernel is old, and also when the kernel
> is recent and mount is old. I object to both.
> Mount tries the latest version it knows about, when that fails
> goes back to an earlier version until either the mount succeeds
> or we give up. The same binary must work over a large range of
> kernel versions.

That will break functionality for the user, and sounds like a bug in
"mount". See my objection w.r.t. the user who thinks he is getting
secure authentication via RPCSEC_GSS.

> If you think that it would be terrible to have a nfs-v3 mount
> succeed on a kernel that knows about nfs-v4 then I would prefer
> to change the name of the filesystem to nfs4.

The changes you are complaining about have *NOTHING* whatsoever to do
with NFSv4, which already has its own filesystem name (yes: it is called
"nfs4") with its own struct nfs4_mount.

The 2 changes to the NFSv2/v3 mount structure are as follows:

int pseudoflavor; /* 5 */
char context[NFS_MAX_CONTEXT_LEN + 1]; /* 6 */

"pseudoflavor" adds support for the RPCSEC_GSS authentication flavours,
so that people can use it for improving NFSv2/v3 security.

"context" is an SELinux construct for passing their security context
information (whatever that may be) down to their private handler.

See? no NFSv4...

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