[ANNOUNCE] 2004-03-29 release of hotplug scripts

From: Greg KH
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 20:36:53 EST

I've just packaged up the latest Linux hotplug scripts into a release,
which can be found at:

Or from your favorite kernel.org mirror at:
or for those who like bz2 packages:

I've also packaged up some pre-built (and signed) Red Hat FC 2-test based rpms:

The source rpm is available if you want to rebuild it for other distros
or versions of Red Hat at:

The main web site for the linux-hotplug project can be found at:
which contains lots of documentation on the whole linux-hotplug

This release is recommended for _anyone_ using older versions of the
hotplug scripts (especially the last development snapshot) as lots of
bugs have been fixed. Especially for any scsi or usb-storage users, now
the proper drivers should be automatically loaded when a device is
plugged in.

The release is still backwards compatible with 2.4, so there is no need
to worry about upgrading.

The full ChangeLog extract since the last release is included below for
those who want to know everything that's been changed, and who to blame
for them :)

Many thanks to everyone who has send in patches for this release,
without these submissions, this release would still contain lots of


greg k-h

Mon Mar 29 2004 kroah
- 2004_03_29 release
- make test on network start for /var/... a Red Hat specific test
- make modprobe use '-q' to get rid of some unneeded messages at
times. Reported by upstream users at:

Sat Mar 27 2004 ukai

- usb.rc: fix usb coldplugging on linux 2.6.*
sleep to wait usb data propagated at usb boot

Fri Mar 26 2004 kroah
- more messages quieted (in scsi.agent this time.)
- make "... no modules for..." messages not print out except if
debugging is enabled.
- From Jean Tourrilhes <jt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
add support for ifrename if present.
- From Stephen Hemminger <shemminger@xxxxxxxx>:
add stir4200 to the usb.distmap file.
- From Rolf Eike Beer <eike-hotplug@xxxxxxxxx>:
fix detection of kernel series for older machines with no USB
or PCI busses.

Mon Mar 15 2004 ukai
- firmware.agent: quote firmware name
- usb.agent: sysfs usb attribute value is hex
- scsi.agent: remove bashism
- input.rc: do not even try if /proc/bus/input is missing
in input_boot_events
- input.agent: use input_match_bits for bits parameters
- default.hotplug: provides open file descriptors for stdin, stdout
and stderr

Sun Mar 14 2004 ukai
- ieee1394.agent: fix misplaced conversion code for module map
- pci.rc: fix [: missing ']'

Thu Mar 11 2004 kroah
- 2004_03_11 release
- From Dmitry Torokhov <dtor_core@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
add evbug to the blacklist of modules
- From Kay Sievers <kay.sievers@xxxxxxxx>:
We should mention the DEVPATH in the hotplug man page too,
as someone missed it and got confused.
- 5 patches from Marco d'Itri <md@xxxxxxxx>:
- 000_small_fixes: fixed some small bugs.
- 001_no_bashisms: removed bashisms from all scripts.
- 003_no_useless_includes: removed some unused code.
- 004_2.6_pci_synthesis: added sysfs support to pci.rc,
enabling boot time events synthesis on lacking the
pcimodules program.
- 004_2.6_usb_sysfs: improved sysfs support in the USB
scripts. Please review the changes marked with the FIXME
comment: this works on my system and others, but I'm not
sure that it's the proper way.

Fri Feb 13 2004 dbrownell
- scsi.agent waits for /sys$DEVPATH/type to appear before
modprobing higher level drivers. Patch from Patrick
Mansfield <patmans@xxxxxxxxxx>

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