Re: Migrate pages from a ccNUMA node to another - patch

From: Zoltan Menyhart
Date: Tue Mar 30 2004 - 06:39:03 EST

Dave Hansen wrote:
> Have you considered any common ground your patch might share with the
> people doing memory hotplug?
> They have a similar problem to your migration that occurs when a user
> wants to remove a whole or partial NUMA node.
> lhms-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Comparing my stuff to their work, I just do some small performance enhancements:

- I do not modify a single line on the existing VM paths - if my stuff has no
improvement for you, then yo will not be obliged to pay any overhead
- I do not insist on :-)) ... that would block the execution of the application
while the resources are not available
- I handle only the simplest case: private anonymous pages (...a singe PTE...)

- IWAMOTO Toshihiro provides a complete "fool proof" solution with obligation to
cussed in the migration

> Is your code something that you'd like to see go into the mainline 2.6
> or 2.7 kernel?

Since someone is asking...


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