Re: [PATCH 9/44] Support for scroll wheel on Office keyboards

From: Paul Wagland
Date: Tue Mar 30 2004 - 12:08:52 EST

On Mar 30, 2004, at 15:09, Pavel Machek wrote:


Apart from this concrete question - the number of keyboards and
mice is very large and growing by the day. I think it is hopeless
to try and teach the kernel about all details of each of them.
I think we should try to go for a keyboard/mouse definition file
maintained in user space and fed to the kernel.

Well, if it can be maintained in userspace, it should be possible to maintain, too.
Plus it seems to me that some keyboards are compatible with others... for example arima
seems to generate same keycodes for "vol+" and "vol-" as compaq nx5000...

Sure, it is possible to keep up, but if something is constantly updating then surely it is better to put that in userspace? That way if I buy a new (not currently supported) keyboard, all as I have to do is to update the userspace text file, and everything works. If it is in the kernel, then I have to upgrade my kernel, and for many users, this is not a trivial task. Indeed, for many users this then causes support issues (think enterprise distributions).

Just my thoughts,

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