Re: Max file size on ext3?

From: Richard B. Johnson
Date: Tue Mar 30 2004 - 13:40:34 EST

On Tue, 30 Mar 2004, R. J. Wysocki wrote:

> Can you tell me, please, what the file size limit on ext3 is (should be, if
> any)?

Depends upon the block size.

Block size file size
1 kb 16 GB
2 kb 256 GB
4 kb 2048 GB
8 kb 2048 GB

Linux 2.4 limits single block device sizes to 2 TB.

Extracted from some information by haversain-ga on google.

Dick Johnson
Penguin : Linux version 2.4.24 on an i686 machine (797.90 BogoMips).
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