Re: sched_yield() version 2.4.24

From: Diego Calleja García
Date: Tue Mar 30 2004 - 18:20:38 EST

El Tue, 30 Mar 2004 15:29:29 -0500 (EST) "Richard B. Johnson" <root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> escribió:

> Wonderful! Now, where do I find the sources now that RedHat has
> gone "commercial" and is keeping everything secret?

Exactly *why* are you trying to spread FUD? Use other distro if you don't like
instead of usign stupid arguments.

> I followed the instructions
> __exactly__ and get this:

Me too.

diego@estel:/tmp$ cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvs/procps login anoncvs
Logging in to :pserver:anoncvs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:2401/cvs/procps
CVS password:
diego@estel:/tmp$ cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvs/procps co procps
cvs server: Updating procps
U procps/.cvsignore
U procps/BUGS
U procps/COPYING
U procps/INSTALL
U procps/Makefile
U procps/NEWS
U procps/TODO
U procps/free.1
U procps/free.c
U procps/pgrep.1
U procps/pgrep.c
U procps/pkill.1
U procps/pmap.1
U procps/pmap.c
U procps/procps.spec
U procps/skill.1
U procps/skill.c
U procps/slabtop.1
U procps/slabtop.c
U procps/snice.1
U procps/sysctl.8
U procps/sysctl.c
U procps/sysctl.conf.5
U procps/tload.1
U procps/tload.c
U procps/top.1
U procps/top.c
U procps/uptime.1
U procps/uptime.c
U procps/vmstat.8
U procps/vmstat.c
U procps/w.1
U procps/w.c
U procps/watch.1
U procps/watch.c
cvs server: Updating procps/proc
U procps/proc/.cvsignore
U procps/proc/Makefile
U procps/proc/compare.c
U procps/proc/devname.c
U procps/proc/ksym.c
U procps/proc/procps.h
U procps/proc/pwcache.c
U procps/proc/readproc.c
U procps/proc/readproc.h
U procps/proc/signals.c
U procps/proc/slab.c
U procps/proc/slab.h
U procps/proc/status.c
U procps/proc/sysinfo.c
U procps/proc/sysinfo.h
U procps/proc/version.c
U procps/proc/version.h
U procps/proc/vmstat.c
U procps/proc/vmstat.h
U procps/proc/whattime.c
cvs server: Updating procps/ps
U procps/ps/.cvsignore
U procps/ps/HACKING
U procps/ps/Makefile
U procps/ps/common.h
U procps/ps/display.c
U procps/ps/escape.c
U procps/ps/global.c
U procps/ps/help.c
U procps/ps/output.c
U procps/ps/parser.c
U procps/ps/ps.1
U procps/ps/regression
U procps/ps/select.c
U procps/ps/sortformat.c
U procps/ps/stacktrace.c
cvs server: Updating procps/xproc
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