Re: seriel console support broken in -mm4 and -mm5

From: Martin J. Bligh
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 11:19:01 EST

>> > It works fine in -rc2.
>> >
>> > -mm4 prints jibberish (wrong speed / settings?) for serial console, but
>> > the getty stuff comes out file. shutdown just prints more jibberish.
>> >
>> > -mm5 prints about half as much jibberish as -mm4 then hangs, seemingly
>> > halfway through boot.
>> >
>> > I guess I'll try linus.patch from -mm4 next, unless you have any other
>> > suggestions that'd be more fruitful ...
>> OK, so -mm5 actually does the same as mm4 on my second try, so maybe the
>> hang is intermittent, or something.
>> However, linus.patch from -mm4 works fine, so the culprit is one of the
>> other patches in your tree ... any suggestions for which to shoot first? ;-)
> Not really. Are you using early printk?
> The only patches I have which touch drivers/serial/ are
> 8250-resource-management-fix, linus, pmac_zilog-oops-fix, kgdb-ga.
> Lots of patches against drivers/char/*, but I don't see how any of those
> can futz the serial settings. I'm assuming you're using 8250?

Sometimes my own idleness saves my arse. I finally got around to debugging
it, and it's gone in rc3-mm2 ;-) Yes, was 8250 ...



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