Re: [PATCH] libata transport attributes

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 16:10:08 EST

Justin Cormack wrote:
Here is a rough patch to add libata transport attributes, along the
lines of fibre channel and parallel scsi. I wrote it as it seemed to be
the cleanest way of extracting ata-specific information (currently drive
model, serial number and firmware revision) from sysfs (in
/sys/class/libata_transport/). There are a few issues, in particular:

1. it wont compile modular, as libata depends on scsi_transport_libata
and vice-versa at the moment. I am not sure how you are supposed to get
around this (and there arent any significant number of drivers in tree
using the transport modules yet).

2. It would be nice if the device directory in sysfs had a symlink to
the transport attributes directory, not just the other way round.

3. I couldnt work out what scsi_transport_template.size was the size of,
as I couldnt see where it was used anywhere...

patch against 2.6.5-rc3-libata1 but probably applies against most recent

Did you see the comments I posted WRT mort's patch?

Since libata is leaving SCSI in 2.7, I would rather not add superfluous stuff like this at all.

Further, you can already retrieve the information you export with _zero_ new code.


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