Re: [Lse-tech] [patch] sched-domain cleanups, sched-2.6.5-rc2-mm2-A3

From: Martin J. Bligh
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 16:38:27 EST

> On Tuesday 30 March 2004 17:01, Martin J. Bligh wrote:
>> > I don't think it's worth to wait and hope that somebody shows up with
>> > a magic algorithm which balances every kind of job optimally.
>> Especially as I don't believe that exists ;-) It's not deterministic.
> Right, so let's choose the initial balancing policy on a per process
> basis.

Yup, that seems like a reasonable thing to do. That way you can override
it for things that fork and never exec, if they're performance critical
(like HPC maybe).

>> > Benchmarks simulating "user work" like SPECsdet, kernel compile, AIM7
>> > are not relevant for HPC. In a compute center it actually doesn't
>> > matter much whether some shell command returns 10% faster, it just
>> > shouldn't disturb my super simulation code for which I bought an
>> > expensive NUMA box.
>> OK, but the scheduler can't know the difference automatically, I don't
>> think ... and whether we should tune the scheduler for "user work" or
>> HPC is going to be a hotly contested point ;-) We need to try to find
>> something that works for both. And suppose you have a 4 node system,
>> with 4 HPC apps running? Surely you want each app to have one node to
>> itself?
> If the machine is 100% full all the time and all apps demand the same
> amount of bandwidth, yes, I want 1 job per node. If the average load is
> less than 100% (sometimes only 2-3 jobs are running) then I'd prefer to
> spread the processes of a job across the machine. The average bandwidth
> per process will be higher. Modern NUMA machines have big bandwidth to
> neighboring nodes and not too bad latency penalties for remote accesses.

In theory at least, doing the rebalance_on_clone if and only if there are
idle procs on another node sounds reasonable. In practice, I'm not sure
how well that'll work, since one app may well start wholly before another,
but maybe we can figure out something smart to do.


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