Re: [PATCH] ibmvscsi driver - sixth version

From: Dave Boutcher
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 18:14:33 EST

On Wed, 31 Mar 2004 17:02:02 -0500, Jeff Garzik <jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

1) Would be nice to eliminate module options for commands-per-lun, max-requests etc. and actually have the driver figure out the real needs. One or two options could fall into the "performance tuning" category, and stay, but the others are really dependent on the underlying configuration and underlying limits.
Hmmm...well, I could collapse the two together, since commands_per_lun
is not limited by anything specific for this adapter. I would prefer
to leave them broken out to handle users who have extreme requirements.

2) why is one-descriptor a special case in map_sg_data()? You proceed to do the same thing in a loop, right below that... AFAICS you can just use the loop, and clamp the number of scatterlist elements to one.
The SRP spec has two different buffer formats: SRP_DIRECT_BUFFER for a
single buffer, and SRP_INDIRECT_BUFFER for lists of buffers, and the
layout of the buffers in the request is different for those two cases.

3) in the following code...

+ if ((evt_struct->crq.format == VIOSRP_SRP_FORMAT) &&
+ (atomic_dec_if_positive(&hostdata->request_limit) < 0)) {
+ printk("ibmvscsi: Warning, request_limit exceeded\n");
+ unmap_cmd_data(&evt_struct->evt->srp.cmd, hostdata->dev);
+ ibmvscsi_free_event_struct(&hostdata->pool, evt_struct);
+ }

is the code prepared to deal with hostdata->request_limit being negative?
Yes....that is one of the things that would drive you down that path.
There are a couple of places in the code where request_limit is explicitly
set to -1 to force all requests to be rejected.

4) style: don't bother with unneeded brackets...

+ if (!evt_struct) {
+ }
Fair enough.

5) two issues with your abort handler...

+ spin_unlock_irq(hostdata->host->host_lock);
+ wait_for_completion(&evt->comp);
+ spin_lock_irq(hostdata->host->host_lock);

5a) are there recursion or deadlock issues, when you release the lock like this?

5b) IMO unconditional spin_{un}lock_irq() is unwise... the ->eh_abort_handler() saved the flags, so you might be restoring things to an incorrect state.

Since you're already inside spin_lock_irqsave(), and #5a is not an issue, just use spin_unlock() and spin_lock().
OK, two issues. There are a bunch of SCSI LLDDs that use this same
logic in abort and reset handlers to wait for adapter events to
complete, so I think the logic is OK. The issue of spin_lock_irq
vs spin_lock is a good one...and points out that there are a bunch
of LLDDs that are broke :-) I'll resubmit without the _irq

6) ditto ibmvscsi_eh_device_reset_handler

7) style: the names of many of the structures defined by this driver are IN ALL CAPS AND SHOUTING :) Structs should not be in all caps.
Ya, copied from less sane operating systems. I'll fix.

8) purge_requests() locking looks bogus. It is safe to complete a SCSI command inside the host lock.
I'll fix.

9) ibmvscsi_do_host_config() continues, after a DMA mapping error

10) what the heck is this??? do some people not know they are running Linux???
+static ssize_t show_host_os_type(struct class_device *class_dev, char *buf)
This whole driver has to do with adapter sharing....and this answers
the question with whom you are sharing it. Which may in fact NOT
be Linux.

11) I'm not sure ".emulated = 1" is correct, since you are really talking SCSI. But this is arguable, as is the value of 'emulated' flag itself...
Agreed...I'll walk either side of the street on that one.

12) in ibmvscsi_probe(), you want to use TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE here:

+ set_current_state(TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE);
+ schedule_timeout(5);

13) in the code pasted in #12, you should pass a value calculated using the 'HZ' constant.
Hmmm...above code copied from the qlogic driver...and it looked reasonable
to me, but I'll tweak it.

14) why are you faking a PCI bus? The following is very, very wrong:

+static struct pci_dev iseries_vscsi_dev = {
+ .dev.bus = &pci_bus_type,
+ .dev.bus_id = "vscsi",
+ .dev.release = noop_release

Did I mention "very" wrong? :)
Because for iseries it is implemented in the pci code. While it may
look wrong, it is actually correct. Check out
arch/ppc64/kernel/iSeries_iommu.c and arch/ppc64/kernel/dma.c.
This device has to have dev->bus == &pci_bus_type otherwise the
dma_mapping_foo functions won't work correctly.

Thanks for the comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave B
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