Re: 2.6.5-rc1-mm2

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 18:56:40 EST

Jesse Barnes <jbarnes@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Wednesday 31 March 2004 12:06 pm, Andrew Morton wrote:
> > So are we to assume that this is the offending process? That the periodic
> > slab reaping code has screwed up?
> It looks like it. Disabling the slab cache reaping function allows it to boot
> again.

I suspect that the reap timer is innocent and what we have is simply
scribbled-on slab metadata. Which means it could be anything at all.

One last thing: could you please stick a

printk(KERN_EMERG "destroying slab %s\n", cachep->name);

at the start of slab_destroy()? That'll help narrow it down.

Could you also punt me over the .config? If I can make it happen, the
binary search will find it. But it probably won't happen here.
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