Re: [PATCH] mask ADT: new mask.h file [2/22]

From: Paul Jackson
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 20:37:26 EST

> <Wakes up. Have they finished yet?>

Not yet. (Do you want on/off the CC list on this chatter ...?)

> I'll need reminding what these patches actually do.

Yup - when we are ready to recommend you include them.

The fundamental reason - code and complexity reduction, so that the
users of cpumasks and nodemasks can figure them out with less effort.
And by distilling out the basic 'mask' ADT from cpumasks, the nodemask
type can be added more easily.

But I'll happily repeat that, when the time comes.

> Can you sit on them for two weeks?

Sure. Too easy. It would have been a week before we were ready
to encourage your consideration anyway.

I won't rest till it's the best ...
Programmer, Linux Scalability
Paul Jackson <pj@xxxxxxx> 1.650.933.1373
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