Re: module-licences / tainting the kernel

From: Måns Rullgård
Date: Sat May 08 2004 - 04:15:11 EST

Arjan van de Ven <arjanv@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> Would it be possible to let e.g. LPGL-licenced kernel-modules be loaded
>> legally?
> there are 2 angles here:
> 1) there already is "GPL with additional rights" which LGPL is just one
> form of

What about BSD? That's open enough for me.

> and
> 2) if you mix LGPL with GPL (eg kernel), the LGPL license itself says it
> autoconverts to GPL, so you can't even have a LGPL module *loaded*.
> (Not saying that your source can't be LGPL but when you link it into the
> kernel at runtime it turns GPL)

That would only make a difference if you have the intention of
distributing /proc/kcore.

Måns Rullgård

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