Re: OOPS : 2.4.27-pre2 + latest ACPI

From: O.Sezer
Date: Sat May 08 2004 - 16:37:43 EST

O.Sezer wrote:
EIP; c01a575a <acpi_ns_map_handle_to_node+19/29> <=====

ebx; 5a5a5a5a Before first symbol
edi; ddc69e9c <_end+1d919018/206911dc>
ebp; ddc69e90 <_end+1d91900c/206911dc>
esp; ddc69e8c <_end+1d919008/206911dc>

Trace; c0196144 <acpi_remove_notify_handler+87/18e>
Trace; e0ae293a <[button]acpi_button_remove+78/d4>
Trace; e0ae245d <[button]acpi_button_notify+0/94>
Trace; e0ae2c9f <[button].text.end+1e4/2e5>
Trace; e0ae2abc <[button].text.end+1/2e5>
Trace; e0ae3340 <[button]acpi_button_driver+0/d3>
Trace; c01b5a3f <acpi_bus_unattach+94/11f>
Trace; c01b59ab <acpi_bus_unattach+0/11f>
Trace; c01b5339 <acpi_bus_walk+a3/cf>
Trace; e0ae3340 <[button]acpi_button_driver+0/d3>
Trace; e0ae3340 <[button]acpi_button_driver+0/d3>
Trace; c01b5cca <acpi_bus_unregister_driver+4c/d1>
Trace; c01b59ab <acpi_bus_unattach+0/11f>
Trace; e0ae3340 <[button]acpi_button_driver+0/d3>
Trace; e0ae2a84 <[button]acpi_button_exit+49/80>
Trace; e0ae3340 <[button]acpi_button_driver+0/d3>
Trace; e0ae2cc3 <[button].text.end+208/2e5>
Trace; e0ae2abc <[button].text.end+1/2e5>
Trace; c012051a <free_module+ba/d0>
Trace; c011f889 <sys_delete_module+a9/1e0>
Trace; c0108ea7 <system_call+33/38>

Code; c01a575a <acpi_ns_map_handle_to_node+19/29>
00000000 <_EIP>:
Code; c01a575a <acpi_ns_map_handle_to_node+19/29> <=====
0: 80 3b 0f cmpb $0xf,(%ebx) <=====
Code; c01a575d <acpi_ns_map_handle_to_node+1c/29>
3: 0f 44 c3 cmove %ebx,%eax
Code; c01a5760 <acpi_ns_map_handle_to_node+1f/29>
6: 5b pop %ebx
Code; c01a5761 <acpi_ns_map_handle_to_node+20/29>
7: 5d pop %ebp
Code; c01a5762 <acpi_ns_map_handle_to_node+21/29>
8: c3 ret Code; c01a5763 <acpi_ns_map_handle_to_node+22/29>
9: a1 94 c0 32 c0 mov 0xc032c094,%eax
Code; c01a5768 <acpi_ns_map_handle_to_node+27/29>
e: eb f6 jmp 6 <_EIP+0x6>
Code; c01a576a <acpi_ns_convert_entry_to_handle+0/8>
10: 55 push %ebp
Code; c01a576b <acpi_ns_convert_entry_to_handle+1/8>
11: 89 e5 mov %esp,%ebp
Code; c01a576d <acpi_ns_convert_entry_to_handle+3/8>
13: 8b 00 mov (%eax),%eax

3 warnings and 3 errors issued. Results may not be reliable.

Sorry for giving missing info:
Oops occurs upon attemping to shutdown the machine during
which time unloading the button module, I guess.

If you require more info or want me to try anything/any code,
simply ask.

Best regards;
Özkan Sezer

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