Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT PATCH COW] proof of concept impementation of cowlinks

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sat May 08 2004 - 17:49:34 EST


> Couldn't sleep last night and finished a first complete version of
> cowlinks, code-named MAD COW. It is still based on the stupid old
> design with a flag to distinguish between regular hard links and
> cowlinks. Please don't comment on that design, it's just a proof of
> concept.

> Patches are against 2.6.5 but most things should apply to other 2.6
> kernel without too much trouble.
> 1 generic_sendpage - allow sendfile with ext[23] files as target
> 2 sendfile - introduce vfs_sendfile for in-kernel use
> 3 copyfile - new copyfile() system call

Well, up to "3" it seems usefull on its own. You might attempt to
merge that.

namei.c: you realy don't want to #include in the middle of .c file.

vfs_unlink followed by BUG_ON(error)... that's definitely wrong. In
case of disk error, you might get error on unlink; but you should not
BUG() on that. Perhaps copyfile() should be specified as "may leave
part of copy of target on disk in case of error"?

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