Re: [(re)Announce] Emulex LightPulse Device Driver

From: Christoph Hellwig
Date: Sun May 09 2004 - 03:22:09 EST

A bunch of comments from looking over the headers and itnerface to
upper layers a little: (next I'll try to understand what's going on
in the I/O submission path - it's just to freakin complicated..):

- the hba api crap must die
- lots of strange typedefs in sSuDly Caps that want to die.
- Dito for the strange pfoo pointer naming.
- please explain USE_HGP_HOST_SLIM and why only ppc64 sets it,
per-arch ifdefs in LLDDs are very suspect
- do you really care for pre-2.6.5 compat?
- lpfc_fcp.h duplicates the scsi opcode - use those from scsi/scsi.h
- lpfc_msg* stuff is not acceptable. simply put the string you
want to print into the printks
- your module_param usage is b0rked. Instead of duplicating every
option 31 times use module_param_array. You also seem to miss
the paramter descriptions (MODULE_PARAM_DESC)
- lpfc_clock.c should go away, just use add_timer/etc. diretly and
embedd the timer into your structures. Yes, I know that's not
how SVR4-derivates work, but Linux does. You also have an
unchecked kmalloc and a list_head cast in there..
- you're using list_for_each{,_safe} a lot where you'd want to
use the _entry versions.
- #define EXPORT_SYMTAB in lpfc_fcp.c is wrong, you never need that
one in 2.6.
- why do you need <linux/if_arp.h> and <linux/rtnetlink.h> in there?
- please always include <linux/*> first, then <asm/*>, then <scsi/*>,
then private headers.
- OpenSource in the module description is useless - MODULE_LICENSE
already tels us that.
- why do you disable clustering in the 2.6 driver?
- lpfcDRVR_t should go away in favour of a bunch of global variables
- lpfc_linux_attach should be merged into lpfc_pci_detect, which would
better be named lpfc_{,pci_}probe{,one}
- same for lpfc_linux_detach into lpfc_pci_release
- formatting of lpfc_driver is broken
- not need to memset lpfcDRVR, it's 0 if it's in .bss already
- what do you need lpfcDRVR.loadtime for?
- lpfcDRVR.hba_list_head should be initializes at compile time
LIST_HEAD(hba_list); if properly taken out of the struct.
- you must attach the driver attributes always unless pci_module_init
failed, alese hotpluggin does´t work.
- lpfc_sleep_ms is broken, it'll happily sleep under spinlock, please
use mdelay directly in contexts where you can't sleep and schedule_timeout
only where you can sleep.
- lpfc_sleep needs to die, it's just a broken reimplementation of
- lpfc_tasklet would probably benefit from a list_splice_init early on
so the proceasing can happen without retaking the spinlock all the time
- why all the EXPORT_SYMBOLS?
- pleae kill all those silly one-line wrappers in lpfc_mem.c.
- four mempool per hba seems a little much, care to explain why they're
- you don't need a pci_pool per hba, just one per driver
- lpfc_sysfs_set_show/lpfc_sysfs_set_store violate the one value per
attribute rule
- dito for lpfc_sysfs_params_show/lpfc_sysfs_params_store
- dito for lpfc_sysfs_info_show, in short all your sysfs work is completely
wrong, also you seem to use driver attributes instead of scsi device/host
attributes. why?
- in lpfc_queuecommand you don't need to spin_lock_irqsave your drvlock
as the host_lock is already taken with irqs disabled. you should probably
redesign your driver to use the host_lock instead of the drvlock everywhere.
- the error return if queuecommand lpfc_get_scsi_buf fails looks bogus,
why do you set DID_BUS_BUSY? also instead of 1 please return
- you shouldn't need the scsi_{bus,target,lun} members in lpfc_cmd but
always use the scsi_cmnd->device linked from there.
- the lpfc_find_target usage in queuecommand looks bogus. You have
scsi_device->hostdata to put per-lun data, from which you can trivially
link per-target data directly. All the checks for inquiry and valid
luns are similarly b0rked - scsi probing works by calling ->slave_alloc
first so you'll a) have a place where you know the midlayer is probing
and b) always private data when quecommand is called.
- in lpfc_scsi_cmd_start you use lpfc_find_lun_device which is copletely
bogus again, use scsi_cmnd->device->hostdata
- don't mess with eh_timeout from a LLDD please
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