Re: RE : 2.6.6-rc3-mm2 : REGPARAM forced => no external module with some object code only

From: Bill Davidsen
Date: Sun May 09 2004 - 11:58:22 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:
Eric Valette <eric.valette@xxxxxxx> wrote:

The Changelog says nothing really important but forcing REGPARAM is rather important : it breaks any external module using object only code that calls a kernel function.

This is why we should remove the option - to reduce the number of ways in
which the kernel might have been built. Yes, there will be a bit of
transition pain while these people catch up.

Yes, I think that should go into the 2.7 tree as soon as it opens. Of course it wouldn't go in the 2.6 tree, that's stable, right?

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