Re: uspend to Disk - Kernel 2.6.4 vs. r50p

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sun May 09 2004 - 16:52:38 EST


> > If you suspend, mount
> > your filesytems, do some work and then resume, you are probably going
> > to do some pretty nasty corruption. Just don't do that.
> >
> > But this problem is shared by swsusp, swsusp2 *and* pmdisk.
> I know. I also know that ext2 (and derivatives) have both "last mounted" and
> "last written to" datestamp fields (other filesystems probably do as well,
> but I don't use 'em) and it would be really nice to check those as matching
> what they were when you suspended, and abort the resume if they don't
> match...

Well, feel free to code that, that will allow us to kill few
warnings... Or rather tone them down. It is still "dont do that"

> > > Sigh. I _really_ don't have time for this right now. I wonder if it
> > > would be possible to just send Patrick some money?
> >
> > He's out of time, so money is not likely to help. Sending some money
> > to Nigel might do the trick ;-).
> His code isn't the one I've gotten to work yet... :)

2.4 version should be rather easy to get going...
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