Re: uspend to Disk - Kernel 2.6.4 vs. r50p

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sun May 09 2004 - 17:48:57 EST


> > Nigel's refrigerator is way more elaborate and very intrusive, but he
> > seems to work *always*. Original refrigerator (shared by swsusp and
> > pmdisk) only tries a bit and eventually gives up if stopping system is
> > too hard. Hopefully Nigel's code can be simplified.
> It's actually pretty simple. I just need to explain it more clearly.

Well, anything that touches 10+ core kernel files is by definition
complex ;-).

> > He's out of time, so money is not likely to help. Sending some money
> > to Nigel might do the trick ;-).
> Sending money to me won't help either, except with getting support for
> new hardware. I'm working on finding and blatting a little but
> significant bug that's made its way in since 2.0. Then I'm only going to
> be working on merging.
> Rob, I would concentrate on figuring out what makes Pavel's version work
> for you and the other two not work. Perhaps then we can adjust our
> implementations to address the issue and make you a happy camper :>

Its actually Patrick's version that works for him... But my and
patrick's shoudl be pretty similar, so it should be rather easy to

Oh and if you will like Patrick's version more and will try to port
some cleanups from his version... Just try to send a patch.

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